What Is Your Big Vision in Life?
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What Is Your Big Vision in Life?


What Is Your Big Vision in Life?

VisionWhat is your big vision for your life?

Lately, I’m astounded at how some people can grow so much in such a short time.

I say this because I’ve witnessed myself, colleagues, and friends make major shifts in their lives based on what they most want.

One of the biggest goals for my life is to leave something bigger than myself from the work I’ve done here.

I want to leave something for my loved ones. A legacy for my family and my children. Today, I want to plant the seeds meant to help others do their own work, water their own seeds, and reap the harvest of their own business and personal growth.

I’ve been thinking a lot on leadership and the qualities embodying a true leader that differ from what used to be highly regarded. Some basic principles have stayed the same. I’m most excited about other qualities that I see being important and that are becoming more visible in our current world.

Kindness. Empathy. Patience. The desire to truly help someone from where they are, asking not necessarily how I would do something, but first, what will work best for the other person.

This takes me to one of the things I love teaching. Conscious leadership.

Leadership based on empathetic experience and insight. Having the insight to know what someone else needs in order help them in a way that is both caring and also creates results. Results that empower the person to go beyond what the thinking mind says are possible. This type of leadership can be used in your own business, in management, in getting new clients, as an innovator in a sea of those ‘innovating’. It’s relevant in so many places.

I want to help a lot of people. The ability for me to grow a larger following, to build out my program, Follow Your Inner Guide is one of those reasons I’ve created a place to help more people reach their biggest goals.

Please lend me your thoughts and feedback. Where are your gaps? What do you most need help with? What do you most want to leave as your mark on the world?

What types of things do you most want to learn right now? Share with me, I want to know! Leave a comment, send me an email or join our Facebook Community for the support of those that think alike.


Anne Mandler is a marketing & business development educator for visionary brands, experts and entrepreneurs. She also runs the Conscious Living Collective, with the mission of giving more visibility to cause organizations. Anne has worked in sales, marketing, communications, and HR with leading brands such as Apple, Symantec, and United Colors of Benetton. She speaks globally to groups sharing the story of “Living a Life Driven By Your Deepest Motivators.” She currently lives in Seattle and online at annemandler.com. As Editor-In-Chief of ANNE MAGAZINE, a publication for Thought Leaders and Entrepreneurs, she aims to inspire you to follow your joy. Subscribe

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