Praise - Anne Mandler
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Here’s what people say about working with Anne:

“Anne has opened me up to parts of myself that I never knew were in there. I have taken on a greater leadership role in my company and Anne has been there to guide me and support me when I hit road blocks. I have always dreamed of having a mentor that selflessly guided me to my higher and better self and have finally found this in Anne. Please take time to work with her, I know you will benefit from it.”

Deborah Lindsay | Administrative Director at Santa Cruz Waldorf School

“Anne is an amazing woman who knows what motivates people. Her articles have an appeal to a wide variety of people.

She’s also a coach who knows the motives of humanity. Whether you’re looking to create a balance in your life, shake off your fears, or overcome your self-limited beliefs, Anne will be your perfect speaker and coach.

With her profound wisdom and deep research, Anne will help thousands of people breakthrough in their personal and professional lives. Her story is simply amazing!”

Daniel Ally | Keynote Speaker, Author, Business Coach

Jennifer Hedges

Why do you want to know Anne Mandler? She has the beautiful ability to bring balance to ones life. We here at the National Personal Training Institute of Sacramento believe in promoting total Wellness. Not only is it important to be physically fit and healthy, but we should also be mentally and emotionally healthy as well.

My dear friend and colleague is offering her assistance to those of you whom own your own business and need assistance in finding that balance in life while completely “blowing up” your business and finding great success in what you do. Do yourself a favor and listen [closely to Anne]. Imagine this: “YOU HAVE LEARNED TO BALANCE YOUR TIME BETWEEN PERSONAL AND PROFESSIONAL AND YOU ARE MAKING MORE MONEY DOING WHAT YOU LOVE THAN EVER BEFORE!” She is magical, and you will love what you hear!

Jennifer Hedges | CEO, Financial & Academic Advisor

“Anne Mandler has the gift of bringing out the hidden treasures of your soul. Her inquisitive questions allow you to find your own answers and connect the dots of events until they naturally make sense in your mind. Every successful entrepreneur who is stuck should speak to Anne, as she can help you reconnect to your purpose in the softest, yet deeply impactful way possible. I highly recommend Anne and her services for her loving intentions to help humanity to her extensive experience, which allows her to identify with entrepreneurs on all levels. Anne is a shining spirit that will help you remember that you still have so much more to give.”

Clara Angelina Diaz | CEO, Clara-fying Consulting

“Few people have the opportunity to work with someone who is also a coach and mentor—but I did when I worked for Anne. I had the pleasure of working with her for several years at Symantec, collaborating on several corporate communications projects. I was always in awe of her ability to command a room and get people on board with ideas—even people who were initially on completely different pages. No matter how tense a meeting, Anne made sure everyone left with a smile. She’s an expert in Public Speaking, Social Media, Leadership and Lifestyle Management. If you’re looking for someone to help your company and its employees understand the art of balancing health at work and health within the organization, Anne Mandler is the right person.”

Derek Larson, UXMC, CUA, CSM | Senior UX Researcher & UI Design

“It’s been over 2 months now since talking with you and I’m still addiction free. Thanks for being there when I needed to be reshifted!”

Si ing Sophi McBroom