Part II + Something Miraculous - Anne Mandler
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Part II + Something Miraculous

Anne Mandler miraculous

Part II + Something Miraculous

And then…

Thoughts become words.

Words become feelings.

Feelings trigger emotional responses.

Good or bad we can be easily addicted to our feelings.

Take being addicted to resentment for example.

Not in your vocabulary?

We may not even realize that we are harboring that feeling.

That innocent kid you once were, also watched others with addictive behaviors.

So there is desire for perpetuating the feeling of the ‘high’ from the release of our natural chemicals.

If we subconsciously desire resentment—it’s on repeat in our lives, it may not be merely from our own experiences.

It can be from different sources.

But the bottom line is that we’re creating, all the time.

And that is one reason we’re unique.

And since we’re mostly in a state of what’s around us, unless we look inward and recognize the amazing artwork within us, we cannot utilize our full selves.

We’re not able to see the Miracles that we are.

It’s said that our chances of being who we are is the coming together of 1 in 400 trillion, astonishing — so we’re winning the life lottery of over trillions of other different players.

We are extremely lucky to be a person, along with every other human created.

This is amazing.

And in our amazingness, there is still doubt.

If we have any belief in our minds right now. Any belief that we are being held back right now, we are not going to be able to move forward as we’d like. Call them setbacks, memories, blocks…

Let’s take the classic example of how many of us interact with money.

If we believed it was easy to make, we’d show up differently.

What will show up over and over, is a set of behaviors.

Our beliefs are hard-wired into our neural networks, for example, if we think money is hard to make, not only are we going to have behaviors that solidify it, but it will reoccur again and again.

Life will prove to you, again and again, it will be hard.

We will then not focus on the fact that money is easy to make, we’ll immediately believe, hey, that’s not possible.

Yet we get to choose differently if we desire to.

A second belief is that I don’t have to sacrifice my time.

The way the beliefs get tied to your neural networks is the same way they get released.

If we feel we change something in our lives, we will be judged or seen differently; those beliefs will stop us from moving forward, even if they are subconscious.

Experience, emotion, and consistency. These three things are how our worlds are made. There are sets of behaviors that keep these fears alive.

We need to honor our experiences and remember if we are going to create experiences, emotions, and consistency in a different way.

Yet if there is a nervous system deregulation and we can’t hold a new way of being, we get stuck.

So without fully doing it. Save it to your drafts. But at that point, you are experiencing it again and again and again.

So I’m leading something new. A new way of recognizing who we are, of honoring ourselves by following our Soul’s desires.

Our alignment to our true selves in the world, who we actually want to be at the deepest level.

The acknowledgment of our being.

Join me,

Learn how to regulate your energy, emotions, and to create what we truly desire.

Doors are open.

Become the receiver of the Miracle that is within.

Let’s do it together.


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