When You Keep Going - Anne Mandler
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When You Keep Going

when you keep going

When You Keep Going

There is a time when the chaos in your life subsides

A time where clarity makes itself known. 

Although it may seem like eons go by.

Days. Months. Years pass, and you’re waiting.

At first, the change feels like the faintest trickle of water.

Or like a couple of drops off, ‘ok, although I’m still in the tunnel, I see a glimmer of light.’

And you keep going. 

About your seconds, minutes, and days. 

Until you create enough room for yourself to breathe.

And then there is a breeze.

Just enough to bring more air into your lungs. 

Then it hits you. 

A small breakthrough. 

This can look like a number of things. 

Your reaction to your teenager becomes a little less. 

Your self-doubt diminishes.

You are more conscious of possibilities.

You see more of the patterns between you and your old relationships.

You begin snapping out of the memories of the old reality and into something fresh.

Instead of comparing your stuckness to someone else’s winning triumphs, you start to give yourself credit.

Small pats on the back.

Until you get the confidence to grow the confidence.

And the old ways begin to subside.

A small art project.

Feedback at your open house.

Money you forgot you worked for gets deposited into your bank account.

You are reminded that you aren’t here to settle.

You start to see more and more evidence around you that it can be done.

You can get paid to do what brings you joy.

You don’t need anyone to follow what your soul asks of you.

You don’t need anyone to be as abundant as you desire.

You only need you.

The purest version of you.

And with that, you magnetize all the energy, humans, love, joy, happiness, 

understanding, wisdom, greatness and currency you want.

You remind the child in you that it’s all better than ok. 

The child in you reminds you it’s all better than ok.

And then one day….

(To be continued)

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