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What’s your why? Why do you do anything?

The answers are simple.

For most of us, it’s to love, to be loved, and to live in awe of this world and have the appetite to never stop searching for what makes us the most interested in life. To be curious and never quench our desire for learning.

We live in a culture that goes a million miles a minute. We want to do it all. Be it all. Professional warrior, parent extraordinaire, lover, teacher, superhero. Our world sets the bar high. We set it higher.

Often, we do this at a cost. We compromise our health, our wellbeing and our time to try and do it all.

However our beautiful selfs were not set up that way. Set by high-speed western standards, the world we live in now asks too much of our minds and bodies if we let it.

When we let others sway us into thinking that we should do as they do and aspire to have what they have we get off the track of our own unique path. We get into a race of thinking that if we only do more, go faster, strive harder, we’ll meet the target – we’ll have it all.

Before we know it, we’ve created unease in our minds and imbalance in our bodies. We set unnecessary examples for our friends, colleagues, and children. We’ve perpetuated a pace that is unnecessary and unreasonable. We’ve contributed to the global unrest. Basically, we find ourselves lost, scratching our head at the intersection of ‘I want’ and ‘I am,’ not knowing which way to go.

What if this isn’t how our true nature sets us up best for success?

pixabay-coffee-1032938_1280What if the world we live in is truly guided by a grounded, peaceful, conscious inner self that we have the knowledge to be guided by?

In era of comparison and instant gratification, we set ourselves up for disillusion and anxiety.

If you’re feeling like life is going by too fast and you are not doing enough, take a breath and know this:

It is possible to have what you desire and meet this intersection with grace.

I know first hand, that recognizing our true nature following our biggest desires are possible while still nurturing our body.

In fact, it is not only doable, it’s essential.

We’re on mother earth for all sorts of reasons.

Following someone else’s dream is not one of them.

Neither is running the treadmill to find out that we’ve run fifteen miles without benefitting our health.

So how do you do this?

How do you balance culture, environment, expectations, your inner child, and live in the moment? How do you honor yourself and the things you want to accomplish?

You are on this planet for a reason. You are here because you have a true purpose. I know that you’re here with something extraordinary to share. What is it and how do you figure it out? You want something more, yes?

That’s where I can help.

I’ll help you recognize what it takes to tune the dial so that your pulse is rocking to the station that is meant just for you.

So let’s get clear on what you need to be doing. Shatter ideas that aren’t serving. Unearth the values that are so much of you – you’ll wonder how you’ve been living with them buried all this time. Begin your life’s work with the tools to create a stellar revenue stream while encouraging your health to flourish.

I’d like you to know yourself better. Create the successful business you’ve always wanted. Accomplish what you are meant to do so that your work is out in the world, attracting high-caliber clientele, so that you can make money and realize those dreams. Ahem – your real dreams. Not the ones your parents wanted you to realize.

Welcome to the dynamic NOW.

The world needs more people like you. The truth is, I know it is possible – on your own terms with the side effects of making you and the people around you smile.

The moment is NOW 

Join me,
Anne Mandler Signature

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Anne Mandler and KidsP.S.S. As a woman who has built 3 successful businesses from scratch on part-time hours with 3 kids in tow, I know what it takes to keep it all going while still making time for what is really important.

I’ll guide you through the process of creating inner bliss while keeping your life moving exactly where you want it to go. So add your name to the box above and join me. Let’s reach for the stars and create a tremendous amount of abundance and financial success along the way.

Discover how to find the time you need, the inner calm you want and the abundance to support your life in this moment.