About Anne - Anne Mandler
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About Anne

265074_2184599776548_2448203_nIn 2007, I found myself in Berlin, Germany with the intention of spending a beautiful summer in the city. However, in a tiny studio apartment, 8 floors above a busy city street I knew something was not right.

Looking over the back of the apartment where the dumpster was, I had fleeting but very real thought that I couldn’t go on. I had an almost two-year-old and a seven-month-old baby at the time. That was the pivotal moment in my life where I knew that I was not OK.

I didn’t know why, but I was very ill, anxious, exhausted and felt totally out of whack. I often saw “stars” as if I was dizzy and stood up too fast. I became paranoid and focused on what could be wrong. I was having hot and cold sweats and my fingers and toes would go numb. These were just a few of my ‘symptoms.’

Fast forward to me being at home, in my bed at home in California weeks later. I was laying there miserable and that’s when I had my Ah-Ha moment – there, where I couldn’t move from exhaustion. I had a very young family to care for, and I knew that I literally had to change the way I lived and thought about my life.

I realized I could no longer put a job, a career, and things that others wanted of me first. I had to take care of myself from the inside out and put myself first in order to live my life.

Before Germany, I had a busy corporate job. I was juggling a family and a career and another business and I was struggling to keep all of the balls in the air. It was too much!

From the gift of this experience, went on to find my calling and now I teach people about creating the business of your dreams and what it takes to truly thrive. I help you see things you can do to take care of yourself in a conscious way and still have the life, the career, the relationships and the businesses they want – I’m hear to show you why you need to focus on you to make everything else possible. Join me!


Not many women are teaching the unique combination of business strategy in compliment with living well to set the stage for the rest of your life. I’ll show you how to keep your schedule moving like clockwork and plan so that you keep stress levels low.

I know we all learn differently and multiple learning techniques and hands-on work usually poises us for the best for success.

I teach successful women how to put into practice work-life plans and prioritize your way to higher ground. I show you how to navigate day-to-day planning with tools that effectively impact your quality of life.
Taught by a mother of 3 children, I abandoned the idea that life had to be a certain way and set to someone else’s standards. As my third successful business, I’m living life on my own terms, with the know-how to help others skyrocket their lives.

Built on the idea that we all need tools and support to help us manage busy lives, I’m a believer that the happier we are as individuals, the happier the collective planet. Make your life simple and get results by learning how to pay attention to your inner calling. If you stay focused on loving what you do, you can only benefit yourself and the world.