Spring + Community + Friends Over Coffee - Anne Mandler
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Spring + Community + Friends Over Coffee

Spring + Community + Friends Over Coffee

Spring + Community + Friends Over Coffee

photoSpring has sprung on the California Coast and I’m couldn’t be more thrilled about it!

You know the feeling when you’re moving along about your day, in your normal routine, and something just jumps out at you that changes your whole perspective? For me, that’s the sun today. Yeah, that fiery, yellow orb hanging up there that our allows for our existence. That’s the one.

After doing a fair amount of traveling, I’m reminded of just how much I need the changing of the seasons, and how marvelous the sun makes be feel. Post gray winter (and I’m a fall and winter person), I’m bursting at the seams for the light and the warmth. Patches of endless yellow sour grass flowers have now moved on to Magnolias and cherry trees, and blue and pink flowers I can’t name but know exactly how they feel about the new amount of light.

Naturally, we all go within during the winter months — physically and mentally. We go into our mini-hibernation time, and we do so for much needed rest and time to reflect and store up energy for the warmer months ahead where we’ll use all this energy to carry us through the Season of the Sun.

We also do this change-up as part of our cycle with community. We rely on each other for so much. It truly does take a village for everything we do. Unless you are a complete and total hermit, and you can’t be human and be a hermit, few of us can operate solely on our own. We need one another for basic human connection, for friendship, for love, certainly to bring up a family.

If we don’t get this person-to-person interaction in some fashion, it’s an eternal winter. photoThere is only so long we can go without help. Without sisterhood and brotherhood, and community. Think about the simple interactions you have with people everyday. The person making your coffee. The woman you give money to in exchange for gas for your car. The boy you pass crossing the street. The man that holds the door for you. The girls that ask you to buy Girl Scout cookies. The neighbor jogging with his dog.

However small the interaction, it’s still an interaction.

In today’s world we are changing as technology changes. Technology is changing us and challenging us to do things differently. I’m excited to be teaching my upcoming program this April that illustrates our need for community in business, and how it is vital for business at any level, if you make it work for you in the right way, you boost the total well-being of your business. We need the power of connection.

After having coffee with a friend, I’m reminded just how crucial it is to keep up with one another. Social media allows us to connect and keep up and reach out in different ways, and yet there is nothing like spending a few minutes with a dear friend in face-to-face in a real-time personal conversation.

Spring also reminds us to live more in the physical. When you can get out your head and into the sunshine or in the space of kindred spirit, you’ll be reminded of your humanness.

So, dear friends, near and far, I share with you my wishes no matter where you live, for an abundant spring, the wealth that community can bring, and the reminder to see your peeps face-to-face and give a hug to a friend whenever possible.

It’s that simple.


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