Speaking Your Truth: A Practice for Getting Clear on You - Anne Mandler
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Speaking Your Truth: A Practice for Getting Clear on You

Speaking Your Truth: A Practice for Getting Clear on You

Speaking Your Truth: A Practice for Getting Clear on You

Speaking Your Truth: A Practice for Getting Clear on YouThe one thing I know for sure, is when life gives lemons, make lemonade. When life questions your Truths, seek to answer them even if they are not easy to answer.

There is a lot of talk these days about Truth, and speaking your own Truth. My own truth speaking has recently gotten me into ‘trouble’ – mostly with myself. The conversation often starts an unresolved dialogue in your head. There’s a chatter that happens, like a tennis ball being whacked back and forth. It goes like this:

Me: You need to tell people about your message.
Other Me: No I don’t.
M: Yeah, you do.
OM: Why?
M: If I tell people what I’m about, I have to know what I’m about.
OM: Not completely. Life is evolving. You are part of life. You may evolve too. You don’t need all the answers now.
M: I’m afraid people won’t resonate with/understand my message.
OM: What happens if people don’t like/understand your message?
M: I don’t know. I won’t be successful.
OM: What’s the worst that can happen if you put it out there?
M: I’ll lose people close to me. I’ll be perceived as not having the answers and not an expert in my field.

This internal conversation has both liberated me from falling into the pit of not saying what I need to say and allowed my inner wisdom come through at moments when I need it most.

We’re changing beings. It’s important to have a pulse on who you are at any given moment. You can’t know yourself if you don’t let the words flow, if you don’t do an internal check-in now and then. And, you can’t know what you’re made of if you don’t practice saying it to others.

I’m not talking about telling everything about yourself to everyone you meet. However, our western culture promotes both keeping to your own business and telling people about who you are and what you do. This conflict we have around communication sometimes has us err on the side of communicating non-verbally, or just not speaking with someone for fear that our message won’t be heard at relevant.

In order to evolve and grow your relationships and your business, you need to tell people about yourself. You need to talk to people about your message so that your message is received. You need to speak your Truth, because the world needs to know it.

I challenge you to take the next 5 days and write down your Truths. One a day — for the next 5 days. Speak them out loud, to your family or friends. See how this impacts your life, your business, and your relationships for the better.

Let me know what happens!

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