Simple Weekly Tips to Ignite Your Life - Anne Mandler
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Simple Weekly Tips to Ignite Your Life

Simple Weekly Tips to Ignite Your Life by Anne Mandler

Simple Weekly Tips to Ignite Your Life

Simple Weekly Tips to Ignite Your LifeDo you ever struggle with not knowing what you need to do next for your business? Kind of like you’ve come this far but you got lost in the clutter of running your day-to-day. Or, do you ever ask yourself where the time is to plan for the necessary long-term strategy?

If you are a business owner or support one, you know that your list of things to do can sometimes be insurmountable.

Do you sometimes go through that list and complete only those that are the most necessary to get through the day (aka putting out fires). Ahem, no one here has ever done that. Never.

Or, are you the type to pick and choose after the most pressing, you-can’t-get-through the day things and everything else gets off track? Oh, look, squirrel.

In other words, do you get distracted because maybe that list is either too long or isn’t so fun or both?

Well if any of these sound familiar, you’re not alone.

I tossed my to-do list. What? Yes. Of course I still have a busy calendar and a lot of items that require my attention.

However, I’ve figured a way to work where my list of things to accomplish (the one that doesn’t ever get done) actually works for my life.


So, what do I do instead you ask? In my course, the Business 101 Guide to Productivity, I have a slew of tips and tricks that get your business and life back on track. So that you can declare mastery over the things that can easily take time from the things that you love to do most. We get clear and make a sweep of your most cluttered spaces, to-do lists, computer desktop, inbox, physical surfaces, and then watch as you are able to work like a wizard on what needs your attention, and what you’ve chosen to make your priority because, darn it, you actually like doing it.

Watch for the upcoming blog post on Doing Prep Work Ahead Of Time, or read my previous blog post on Setting Yourself Up For Success so you don’t feel like you are drained of all of your forces when deadlines ensue.

We’re adding a whole lot of the necessary ingredients that are actually yummy, tasty, and inspire your work. No more bland to-do lists. Poof! These gotta go.

For next week:

Do These 3 Actions.

  1. Get your post-it, notepad, paper torn lists of to-do scribblings, and use your computer, phone, electronic device of choice to make a list. Then, add only the most important things to accomplish A. today and B. this week/future.
  2. Now, actually slot in time as you would an appointment or meeting for your to-do’s, and take care of anything you can accomplish now, and cross it off.
  3. Next, add anything that didn’t make today’s cut to your calendar for the week/month/year. The goal here is to make a working calendar and actually add in the time it takes to do the task. You are still keeping track of your to-dos and now you are adding them into a place where they have best the chance to get noticed and completed.

That’s it for today. Congratulations! You’ve planned ahead.

Next time, we’ll look at how to keep the calendar system simple and working for your own best practices.

Anne colorAnne Mandler is a business and marketing speaker, educator, and writer. She teaches highly accomplished business owners and organizations effective business strategy. She shows simply how to pay attention to health while growing the business that is your life’s work. She is a proponent of community connection, the mother of 3, and runs 2 successful organizations: Go Get Her Girl and Conscious Living Collective.


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