The #1 Way to Set Expectations and Get Your Worth - Anne Mandler
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The #1 Way to Set Expectations and Get Your Worth

The #1 Way to Set Expectations and Get Your Worth

It’s happens to everyone. You get into a slump, or get caught up in machinery bigger than yourself. You lose your force. You succumb to what you think people want to hear.

What is the way to to setting expectations and receiving your worth? You have to ask.

I was just at a meeting where someone challenged the way a member of our team requested an important planned gift. The person on the receiving end didn’t understand why it was important because it wasn’t clearly requested. Expectations were’t solid.

The bottom line is that when we need something, may it be for ourselves, a person, an organization, a noble cause; we need to ask for it — straight out. We need to ask for it in a way that is right for us. It needs to be received in way that isn’t off-putting, or bossy, but in a way that clearly sets the expectation.

I represent various entrepreneurs, corporations, and organizations. One of those non-profits is a school that is dear to my heart. Like most schools, this school needs more money to function and grow. Tuition alone doesn’t come close to covering what the organization needs to run. When I heard, it’s time to give…we hope that you’ll consider what it means to send your child here and give what makes sense for you, so many important things were left out of the equation.

The truth is, we expect and ask all parents to give something above and beyond tuition. The way we often frame this to people is that the amount doesn’t matter. When, in fact, the type and size of the gift matters greatly. This includes time. We need commitment from families so that we can plan and budget. We need hands in the air from the entire community that they believe in what we’re doing and that at the same time of year, every year; they commit and support this community. This is for everyone, our teachers, our administration, our community, and especially for our children. In fact, if we don’t have 100% family participation we don’t qualify for grants that can help us achieve our goals. We need the good energy around this to rally and that means all of us giving what we can.

I see this use of expectation + worth in so many situations. From setting your rate in your own business and asking for exactly what you deserve to get paid, to asking for what your family needs to run, including time that people in your family spend contributing to the functioning organism that it is. Speak up, speak out, ask, ask in a way that works best for all involved, and make sure you ask for your worth. Whether you are an individual business owner, a corporate powerhouse, a parent trying to get your kids to do what you need them to do, or a school asking for what you need to do what you do best—giving world class education to students. Ask and don’t take less than what you need to be true to yourself, your organization and your to your purpose!

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