The #1 Secret You Need To Know to Attract The Right Tribe - Anne Mandler
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The #1 Secret You Need To Know to Attract The Right Tribe

The #1 Secret You Need To Know to Attract The Right Tribe

The #1 Secret You Need To Know to Attract The Right Tribe


orcaI had the chance this morning to watch 5 Orcas playing near the beach. No matter how many times I see them, I’m still mesmerized by their beauty.

I know. I’m immediately suspect of anyone writing about flipper. So just bear with me a sec.


If you know anything about Killer Whales, they swim in pods. According to PBS, this is for more than the fact that they like their own kind. They use something we all can use, a support system and an inclusive communication tool.


Orcas are one of the few water species that have their own dialect, and when a new member of the family comes into the pod, their sounds make use of a common dialect that keeps the integrity of the pod. So their sounds are like their own special language with their own family and friends.

It’s all about staying close to your kind.

Having a business requires a ton of writing and communicating and that’s a good thing. It keeps the business owner close to the products and services they deliver. My talented writer friend, Stella, likes to dub writing for your own customer, follower, people, “writing for your tribe” and in your own tribal language.

Why is this a good thing? It keeps your customers engaged with you. It makes you stand out from all of the mass of content that is plain Jane or vanilla Joe. (No offense Jane and Joe).

What does that look like anyway?

Excellent question.

It’s writing in a conversational voice that is yours. Not the next person, company, or organization selling a similar thing or the brand you want to be like.

You see, it’s all about YOU. People buy YOU above and beyond your product, your service, your package. People want to work with you because you are what sells your goods.

Many of you know I used to be a DJ. So, coming from the world of sound there’s a 99% chance that I have a song in my head or in the room while I’m working. Today the Black Eyed Peas sing to me “Let’s Get It Started [Ha] ”, “everybody, just get into it,…”

The more you can be real and honest and catchy and true about who you are in the mix, the more your business will exceed your expectations.

So whether or not you love Orcas as much as I seem to in this moment, my challenge to you is to use your own language, your personal style with words. It can be subtle and it needs to be yours.

If you mimic what others are doing, you may have clients, but they may not stay with you if they are confused with what they hear is not consistent with who you are. Clients are finicky and smart that way. As people we all want to listen to the person we think is interesting, and not someone else.

Be consistent, be concise, but most of all, speak in your dialect. Make up your own tribal language and share it in your business. You will make a mark that will increase your followers, set you apart from the crowd, and you’ll watch your business grow.

Here’s to being Tribal ya’ll. Let’s get it started in here!

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Anne Mandler is a business and marketing speaker, educator, and writer. She teaches highly accomplished business owners and organizations effective business strategy. She shows simply how to pay attention to health while growing the business that is your life’s work. She is a proponent of community connection, the mother of 3, and runs 2 successful organizations: Go Get Her Girl and Conscious Living Collective.



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