Are you Living Your Dreams? 6 Surprising Ways to Reach Them Now - Anne Mandler
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Are you Living Your Dreams? 6 Surprising Ways to Reach Them Now

Are you Living Your Dreams? 6 Surprising Ways to Reach Them Now

Are you Living Your Dreams? 6 Surprising Ways to Reach Them Now

Dreams1.  Take Your Confidence Up A Notch

You are the only person who can give or take away your confidence. This is yours to grow. Sure, other people have an effect on us, but it’s up to us to keep our confidence in check and be our biggest fan once in a while. It’s ok to step out in radiance without being full of yourself. Remember that passion and purpose attracts people. Find yours.

Ask: How can I help you? Connections, networks, and supporters need to hear this before you ask for favors. Studies show that people are more willing to do for you if they know your intentions are sincere. Helping and receiving help from others can be great confidence boosters.

Squash rumors. People’s perceptions of you are just that, perceptions.  However, if they are untrue, make that known.  If you are having issues with someone, take the first step to clear them up.  Sometimes people can’t get past their own emotions.

2.  Be Laser Focused On You By Getting Closer To Others

If you think of yourself as the driver on the road of life, it’s likely you’ll have passengers here and there.  Maybe your car is always full.  People come in and out of our lives, and if we really like them, they stay for a longer ride. I believe those entering our lives are there for all sorts of purposeful reasons. Have those important relationships while keeping your eyes on the road.

3.  Serve Someone Else

One of the best ways to have positivity coming into your life is by giving.  The next time you need something, consider asking how you can help the other person.  Most relationships don’t happen overnight.  They need nurturing and cultivation.  Our relationships, business connections, and networks are human. We need human contact. Be a good listener. Help someone who needs it. Ask what you can do for someone else. People remember you for how you made them feel.

4.  Dreams Have A Shelf Life

Yesterday’s dream isn’t necessarily today’s dream or even tomorrow’s   Check-in with yourself on what you want.  Your gut will tell you if something you’ve always thought you wanted in your head still aligns with your heart.  If that goal you had five years ago doesn’t resonate now, check it off of your list and reach for what resonates today.

5.  Create New Art

It doesn’t matter if you are an artist or not. If you are creative (we all are in some way) and focused on ‘making your own art’ you’ll be fulfilling a part of yourself and your reason for being here now. Even if you don’t think of yourself as ‘creative,’ we all need to be doing our own, original life’s work. Look up from your work long enough to take in what others are doing, but don’t get sidetracked by their work. If you do what your heart tells you to do, you are working from a place of creativity that we can all access with some practice. Work that is meant to come from you, and makes you thrilled to be on the planet can be anything from a new invention to a financial spreadsheet with visual data. If it is of you and it gives you true jump and down excitement, do it!

6.  A Dream A Day

Each sunrise is a good time to expand your imagination and conjure up something new. A new focus for the day, a new way of thinking, and a positive spin on an issue with which you are challenged.  Simple positive thoughts like, “Today, I’m going to hear this person differently”, leads your brain to the good stuff.

Thoughts that can turn into big dreams in business and in life result from conditioning your mind to make them. Cut out the self-talk, the chatter voices, and to-do lists running through your head. Do this by meditating, focusing on one image or idea, and simply telling your mind to notice the other thoughts passing by. “Mindfulness” or focusing on one thing at a time adds calm to your entire nervous system.  If you want to realize the bigger things in life, dream in calm.

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