Health and Business: What's Good For You Is Good For Your Business
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Health and Business: What’s Good For You Is Good For Your Business

Health and Business: What’s Good For You Is Good For Your Business

Health and Business: What’s Good For You Is Good For Your Business

19232856770_0f905ee43f_zFew business owners talk about total health unless their work is in the Health Industry. Yet, there are compelling reasons why we should all care about the condition of our personal health and how it seeps into and affects (good or bad) our business life.

Take a couple of pointers from a mind, body, or spirit at optimal health and visualize how everything you do personally affects the health of you and those you encounter each day.

For example, imagine yourself in total, optimal health. What does that look like? Then imagine for a second what it does for your business. Why?

Total, optimal health produces a healthier business.

Your Breath Potential

14243040837_f9f44e9242_hBreath is always number one on my list. Lucky for us, breathing is an automatic function. It requires no thought. Yet, what happens when we give something as simple as breathing, conscious control?

Down right miracles, I say!

There is a reason conscious control of breathing is common in almost all forms of meditation, specifically forms of yoga. Take pranayama[5] , for example.

Pranayama is an alternate breathing technique that focuses on the extension of one’s life force or energy, most notably, breath. When we give our breath thought and attention, we can change the trajectory of our day, the way we think about the person driving the car in front of us, or the outcome of our next big meeting. We can change events small and large for the positive. This goes for your business as well.

Understanding What’s At Your Core

I’ve found through experience what is at the core of you, mirrors what is at the core of your business. We often operate as if we are separate from our work life, yet in reality the most successful business models and structures are not far from the core of any healthy operating system.

So how strong is your core? We all are affected by stabilizers. Binders that hold everything together.

Think about the last time you trained for something mentally or physically challenging. It could have been a marathon or an attempt to mediate for half an hour rather than the five minutes you are used to. It could have been a competition or getting up the courage to conquer a fear like sailing when you are afraid of water. Whatever it is, there is a process, no matter how simple, that needs to happen for you to get ready for the race, sit with yourself for longer, compete, or get yourself on the water.

This process is a combination of mental and physical in some way. To reach the goal, we often have to train our mind how to reach what we want. I call it ‘stabilization training’ or core conditioning, and when we get to a point where we are prepared, or just bound and determined, we are supported by something that has become part of our internal infrastructure.

New brain neural pathways have been created, our muscles may be more ready, and our self-talk has been forewarned. Even if some part of us is not entirely ready for action, a rolling stone is in motion and not allowed to gather the moss of stagnation.

When I teach business owners how to define core areas of business strength, I always bring it back to the comparison of personal mind/body strength.

Better Balance

10284766024_5a9dacd3ae_kIt’s similar in business. Look at the areas that need more support to make the whole functional.

A quick way to do this is to sit down alone or with your team and map out what are the strongest core areas of support. When you do this find out what or where you are lacking. Say it’s customer service. Phenomenal customer service is one of the vertebrae in the spine of your business. It’s non-negotiable. You need to support it, protect it, stabilize it, and make the muscles around it stronger.

The Bottom Line

Some people may think it’s a far stretch to link financials with health. Yet, vibrant business is made from people. Real people like you and me. People notice real changes in the way they attract business when they are focused emotionally, spiritually, or physically. It’s all integrated. A balanced business equals a balanced life. See what happens to yours when you focus on the infrastructure that supports wealth.

Goal Attaining: A quick practice in visualization

Imagine “as if” and act in accord. Much wisdom exists on intention work, goal achievement, and strategy. Yet if you want a quick and easy way to work on the outcome of a single goal, simply visualize one goal on your horizon line and hold the image in place. Imagine yourself walking toward a person who has reached that goal. They are smiling. Continue walking toward them until you realize that person smiling who has achieved that goal is you.

In this practice, you often need to do more than visualization alone. Yet, somehow the visualization breaks down barriers and your attainment becomes simpler.


14254818547_bd85e6b041_zIt’s often listed last in my list, and yet I can’t emphasize enough it’s importance. Gratitude for the day. For your brain and working body together. Gratitude for the people in your life. For your business. For the ability for your work to positively impact other people. For the first light of the morning and the blaze of a setting sun. None of us know when it will no longer be. Be whoever you need to be, and be grateful.

Try some of these and let me know what you think. Any day is a good day to get healthy. On multiple levels, healthy people build healthy businesses.

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