Grow Your Business Faster by Taking Time to Play
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Grow Your Business by Taking Time to Play

Grow Your Business by Taking Time to Play

This weekend I attended a work event with an amazing group of successful women entrepreneurs. Each woman had a different, interesting business, a passion for helping people achieve greatness, and supporting one another in the process. Each woman had a similar goal. I love what each person is passionate about doing. They all enjoy whom they work with because they’ve created their team, and they attract abundance doing it.178182379_s183712391_s

So much stuff came up this weekend. Our fears of what it takes to be successful. The amount of trust it takes to build a business. We lived the concepts of trusting in oneself, the process it takes to get there, and the team of crazy gals who came together to do what they love.

And you know what? Each of us got past the fears. We were ninja focused on work. We laughed. We cried. We created a supportive culture with our own language. We created new businesses and redesigned others.

The amount of work that was accomplished was amazing. And, we still managed to make the time to have a blast. We road horseback, we drank whiskey, and we soaked in back country hot springs. New alter egos and nicknames were created. We laughed. We ate. A fabulous time was had by all.

Our important lesson? Every now and then, work with others outside of your usual digs. It’s crucial to get inspiration from other professionals and mentors who can give you feedback and help you grow. It’s just as important to have fun, as it is to work. If you make sure you are around people who care about your vision ‘supporters’ and avoid ‘depleters’ just watch your opportunities open to you.

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