Five Ways to Grow an Authentic Brand - Anne Mandler
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Five Ways to Grow an Authentic Brand

Five Ways to Grow an Authentic Brand

Five Ways to Grow an Authentic Brand

Five Ways to Grow an Authentic BrandIn the ever changing online world, one thing stays the same. It’s increasingly challenging to get the attention and hold the attention of an audience as business owners compete with increasing information and noise. Today, it’s never been more true that your audience needs to reflect you. If you are building a service or product business that looks like everyone else’s and it doesn’t tell your story, yes, you may be able to make it fly eventually. However, the cost can be greater than if your true self is apparent from the beginning.

One thing I know for sure is that building a loyal audience becomes increasingly important as social media changes with business. What is authentic, meaning what you are really about, your essence, is apparent in more subtle ways than you would think.

Here’s why. We are so bombarded with the pace of media that people know in a second when your truth does not come through.

Try sticking to these essentials when growing your audience and your brand.

  1. Be authentic: It’s not only what you do that matters, it’s how you do it. For instance, if I want to launch a new series of trainings and they are different from what I’ve been teaching before, it will be easiest for my audience to palette that change if I warm them up to it. Rather than just putting out the advertising for a new class, send a letter about what you’re preparing to do and why. Add an interview about how it will serve your customers.
  2. Create consistent marketing with regular posts and in a way that adds energy to your business. Nothing gets your audience more excited than your excitement and dedication to your products and services. You must take action to see results and the action needs to reflect your reasons why what you are talking about is important. It needs to show true value.
  3. Be consistent with your message. Your ideas may change yet if you change the depth or the basis of what you are doing, you will confuse your audience.
  4. Tell your tale in a story. We are a series of walking stories from beginning to end. If you set up your content and the way you engage your audience in a way that tells a compelling story, you’ll have engaged followers that will stay with you through the storms and the bumps in the road. Why? They’ve been engaged and know you are consistent with the work that you do. Above all, you’re interesting.
  5. Develop partnerships that complement your brand or that have a long-term interest in a relationship with your company. It’s surprising how early on you can forge friendships that truly make the difference in how and how quickly your business grows. For instance, when I began my second organization, I wouldn’t have had nearly the exposure to different customer bases had I not kept early friendships going.
  6. Nourish your personal brand with a knowing of giving and contribution. If the values of your company go deeper than merely selling a product or service—in other words, you are giving back, share that with your team and your customers in a compelling way. Nothing builds long-term customer loyalty better than sharing the notion of contribution to a bigger cause that makes a difference through a bigger group that includes you, your brand, your team, your audience. Find creative ways to showcase this such as competitions, challenges, stories and events.
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