6 Laws That Transform Your Business and Attract Ideal Clients Now - Anne Mandler
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6 Laws That Transform Your Business and Attract Ideal Clients Now

6 Laws That Transform Your Business and Attract Ideal Clients Now

6 Laws That Transform Your Business and Attract Ideal Clients Now

images-4I see it all the time. Business owners are investing a ton of quality time and effort into their businesses and yet there are no clients and customers knocking at the door.

A super savvy, experienced friend of mine has a goldmine of information to teach. She’s a therapist. She helps people with life-threatening issues daily. She knows how to teach other successful therapists how to make it as a therapist. Her therapy practice is thriving. Yet she wants more.

For the last 2 years, she’s been trying to get another segment of her biz off the ground. See, so much of her work comes from personal experience and the trials and tribulations of figuring out how a therapy practice can be successful. In other words, she can show less experienced therapists how to make a therapy practice thrive.

The trouble is, despite all of her fabulous experience and solid skill set, she’s not able to attract clients. She’s tried attending seminars, networking functions, events for mental healthcare practitioners – you name it. She is talented, whip smart and driven. She’s a therapist at the top of her game. So why aren’t folks beating down her door?

The answer is she’s not capitalizing on a small sequence of actions that make BIG impact.

One, her message isn’t crafted in a way that communicates the important information she has to share.

She feels like she’s speaking to the right niche, but her analytics are showing otherwise.

In other words, she’s falling short on the business end of things. It’s not that she’s doing it all wrong. This brilliant woman is actually making only a few mistakes that result in dramatically affecting her business.

She’s not following the laws of attraction.

What is this you ask?

The Universal Laws of Attraction work in life and business and if you are not using them Unknowneffectively you’re missing the boat, and potentially missing out on the ability to serve others, fill your programs, reach more people, reach your ideal customers, and clients and sell products.

What you need to do is infuse the Laws of Attraction into every part of your marketing. So what are they?

Law #1: Failing to Reach Your Perfect Audience in Time

There needs to be focused, stable, and yes, urgent follow through around your work and message. Get out there. If the house is burning, you wouldn’t leave your family in there, would you? If you need customers for your business to be successful don’t sit there. Book venues to share your message and knowledge today. Events, seminars, speaking engagements, Google Hangouts,  and meet ups are all ways to find your target audience. If you are still trying to understand exactly who your perfect audience is, take the necessary steps to get in front of as many people as you can. This is the best way to whittle away those people who are really your target market vs. those you want to let go.

Law #2: Maximize Energy

You may not be able to see it, however, if you are desperate for clients (like you need money yesterday).  You may not be shouting this from the rooftops, but you are sending out invisible smoke signals to people that you are beyond a point of wanting to serve. You are sending out the signal that someone, anyone must be a client, customer, like yesterday.

Yes.  You may not even realize it, but this message tells your audience you don’t quite know who they are.  If this subtle energy is seen by your potential perfect market, it may actually repel them.

Law #3: Timing Is Everything

No matter how perfect a customer or client is for your business, you are not going to give them the message that now is the time to buy your service or product if they are not ready. I relate this to a ripening process.  You can have the most beautiful apple in the world.  It can be the perfect color and perfect shape, yet if the fruit is not ready to be picked from the tree, it won’t taste to its fullest potential.

This is the same for the person who has your attention, but doesn’t completely trust that your service is right for them.  Your product seems good, but if there are other products with better and clearer marketing waiting in the wings (and there are), you’ll miss your peeps.

Law #4: Effective Use of Social

If you are great at traditional marketing, but you don’t know what you are doing with social media, you need to fix that now.  Today’s clients and customers are bombarded with a ton of messaging in a ton of formats. This is often information overload.  If you pick one or two social media outlets that you actually like to market on, say twitter, or Facebook, you are twice as effective as if you choose every platform. There are many ways to effectively use social.  Experiment.  Find the right mix for what and where your ideal clients want to find you.  Remember quality is better than quantity. The rules for social change often. Here, I’ll continue to update you the latest social tips.

Law #5:  Signature Product/Program

You have a service that you want to sell.  Why isn’t it selling?   What do your response rate numbers look like?  In other words how do people “buy-in” to you or your products?  Do you keep track of your numbers and compare them from month to month so that you know what is working and what is not?  If you are not maximizing an analytics program, like Google Analytics, you’re not doing what many other business owners are doing to make smart decisions. If you aren’t tracking your progress you could be hurting your business.

Law #6:  Work the Room

AKA: As in Social so in the real world.

You have opportunities to make connections with people. This is what sales is all about. Overlooking an opportunity to connect with your ideal client base in real time, means you are missing out on sales, and this has significant impacts on your ability to generate new leads.

Again, just as you schedule a campaign, schedule time to meet face-to-face with your ideal clients.  If you haven’t done this in a while, create an event, speak on stage, plan a gathering, put a panel of colleagues together or seek a panel out and get in front of people. Think outside the box. This can be a smaller gathering than a large event.

I’ll say it again.  Getting clients is about connecting with other human beings. You can do this equally one on one. People need to know who you are and what you do.

If you’d like more tips on how to run your business smarter, faster, and better,  sign up for my free weekly tips here.

Anne Mandler is a business and marketing educator and writer. She teaches highly accomplished business owners effective business strategy and shows simply how to pay attention to health while growing the business that’s embedded in your life’s work. She is a sucker for community connection and teaches professionals the power of total health and wellbeing. She is a proponent of all things art and music. The mother of 3 children under 10 years old, and she runs 2 successful organizations.

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