What Are Your Happiness Motivators? - Anne Mandler
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What Are Your Happiness Motivators?


What Are Your Happiness Motivators?

motivatorsThe New Year may have started at different times for everyone, but we can all agree; it’s March! Awakenings are going to happen when they happen, past Chinese New Year, past that last day in February.

One of my happiness mentors, Gretchen Rubin, awoke from her daze when she was on a bus. While in transit, she realized, the days are getting longer and the years are getting shorter. In essence, “time is flying by”. So, she decided to do something about it. She decided to figure out her “happy”.

Staying in the Moment

Being in the present moment is hard. No matter how good you are at staying focused, life is meant to literally get in the way. Why? In order to fulfill what we’re here on this earth to do, we’re guided. We’re guided by our inner most desires to get do the work, and live the life we’re meant to.

No matter your faith, religion, creed, color, code, you are a mirror of the Universe. It certainly rings true to me and my inner knowing that there are those divinely here to help us on our path. These helpers don’t always come in a sweet, gentle package. Those here to help us can be the person who has stopped at the stoplight just after you, letting you go first. It can be as simple as the gesture of showing you generosity, patience, or just how to slow down.

This helper may be a friend, who gives you the tough advice you don’t really want to hear. It can be a teacher, sage, guru, and messenger. It can be a parent, child, or family member. The wisdom of keeping you clear on your path may seem sporadic and random at best. Yet, I know for me and the people I serve, it’s not. I get the help I need when I need it. Sometimes, I don’t know that I’m asking. In fact, sometimes I know I’m not asking.

Two Great Motivators

This week, I get to spend some time with two great motivators and speakers on mindset, purpose, wealth and staying in the game, Tony Robbins and Gary Vaynerchuk.

If you know them, you know that one thing they share is their ability to motivate. They share ability to bring motivation around a number of places we can get stuck. Specifically, getting your life and business on track. In sharing some of their inspiration, I’m going to fundamentally join them in a stream of consciousness I’d like to share with you.

Here it is:

Find your truth. Whatever that is for you. Do the work, find a friend, but do the work you need to do to uncover the truest part of you and shine that like it’s your most precious gift. Because it is.

If you are giving of yourself through a business, a service, a product, a consultancy, an agency, or a side hustle, know and care about your product. If that product is you, know what, to whom, and how you are making a difference. Be deeply passionate about what you are selling and bring your best self to the table.  

There is nothing more contagious than being unbashful about who you are and what you are here to do.

Know your why. Why are doing what you are? What’s your motivator?

Ultimately, if you’re happy, you’re there. You’ve done the work to create that happiness. Go forth and spread that beauty because the world needs more people who are fulfilled, content, and lit up about who they are and what they are here for.


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