The Cocoon Does Open - Anne Mandler
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The Cocoon Does Open

The Cocoon Does Open

The Cocoon Does Open

The Cocoon Does OpenWe did it! We managed to get through the first Seattle winter, our household and I. Somehow, here in the Pacific Northwest, we went from zero to summer in a couple of heartbeats. How did it happen like this? There wasn’t a slow shift into less heavy sweaters or jeans move over for long skirts. No. This was one-day parka to shorts (and I’m not a shorts person) and tank tops the next.

The kiss of late spring into summer is liberating, and so deer wander in the coming days. I see this is your future.

Spring Cleaning

It could be that like me, you’ve been hibernating for just a tad too long in that jacket, or maybe the spring cleaning really hasn’t happened yet, putting consciously moving aside the old stuff to make way for the new.

Perhaps you can go deeper with me already and we can talk about that toxic stuff you’ve been putting into your body, the seemingly harmless drink getting you from evening to dinner. Sure I could be all fine, but what about getting just a little more detoxified for this beautiful summer drawing nearer? I’m not asking you to do away with everything, just think about what vices are really the most important to you because spring is all about shifting into the bounty of the year.

Speaking of, remember how your spirit needs to be nourished just like the rest of your beautiful being. What about taking that long walk out in the open without anyone else around just for you, just to reflect and be grateful and joyous and thrilled that you are alive and moving on the planet?

Whatever it is for you dear one, I urge you in the coming days to drop that cloak of shyness and let whatever beautiful gifts you’ve been blessed with come into the light. It doesn’t have to be a big announcement. It could come in the form of the smallest uncloaking, but I do want you to think about your own metamorphosis. It’s coming my friend; we’re still in the early part of a transformative year!


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