The Power of Your Wilder Self and Tapping Into Your Intuition - Anne Mandler
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The Power of Your Wilder Self and Tapping Into Your Intuition

The Power of Your Wilder Self and Tapping Into Your Intuition

The Power of Your Wilder Self and Tapping Into Your Intuition

The Power of Your Wilder Self and Tapping Into Your Intuition

The cool thing about the power of the full super moon (I’ve been teaching about in FB videos and on the blog all month long) is that it sets the tone for the rest of the year.

What was so unique about the total lunar eclipse that happened on January 31st was that it was both a super moon and a blue moon. The celestial bodies haven’t come together in this exact way for 152 years.

In other words, not in our lifetimes have we experienced this exact type of celestial makeup.

What I’m bringing to light is both the rarity of this time and the opportunity we have to work with the power that these energies are naturally giving us now.

You can only work with what you know about, so with this note, I urge you to take action, and don’t let this knowledge pass you by.

Maybe you feel greater feelings than usual?

I can attest to my feelings being super sharp and spot-on right now—maybe you’re feeling many different feelings all at once? The gift of intuition that we have, can be more intense at different times within our different cycles.

The beautiful thing about this moment, is that we can use these energies to work with and for us.

If you’ve ever birthed a human baby or have gone through a physical experience that allows you to let out the “primal self” we all have deep within us, you know what I’m talking about. A great example is going through “transition” when you’re in labor—running a marathon, or recovering from a serious illness. If you’ve overcome an effort that involves great mental and physical strength, you know just what I mean.

Friend, this year more than ever, is about the power within us.

How can you tap into that natural, wild energy within you (without having to birth a human baby)?

One way is to let what was, die out, and allow for your intuitive self be born.

It’s about the balance of trusting “the one who knows” deep within yourself and enabling the part of you who is able to receive the “universal downloads” being sent out now. This is part of the lessons we came here to learn. This is you standing in your power.

You likely know that our menstrual cycles are dialed into the energies of the moon cycles, and the full moon is dialed into the times that we ovulate. We may not be on the exact same cycle yet this is great metaphor for the embracing the differences we all have as women.

Tune in to when your internal power is the strongest. During your own personal “full moon”, you may feel like you are going to create something.

Are you ready to create a fresh start, new wealth, new relationships?

Are you really ready to create? Because this is the time to say yes to whatever has been put on hold.

What you need to do is show up. Be consistent. Say “yes” and do the work of letting in the momentum already set up for you.

The full moon in Leo means you are being seen, heard and visible. So, don’t let this moment pass you by.

If you haven’t been as plugged into lunar cycles pay a little more attention to what’s going on, and use the energies as the moon waxes (grows bigger again after a new moon).

What areas are you holding back from being seen and heard?

As an old way of being, what needs to go?

If the current moon energy is about stepping into your fullest power, answer the question, “What offers are you wanting to make?”

You can create money from your higher calling and from streams that are in line with the work you want to do in the world.

In the next weeks I’ll be offering up my new program that shows you how to work with your own intuition. Here I’m excited to create with you as we go.

As I got very real with myself, and I listened to my own calling, I’m honoring feedback from both my luminary training school and masterminds, I’ve wanted to dive deeper into the lunar cycles. This gives us the power together to be driven by spirit, tune-in and rise-up, and work smarter not harder.

I want to bring together really amazing powerful women that are plugged in and want the energies of group to be able to manifest at a higher level.

As we’re in the first days of February, look at back at your results from the last months. Do you feel heavy or do you feel ripe to do the work you want? Are the results you are going for the same kind of results as last month?

“When you live the energy you’re in (as opposed to the one that you are aspiring to) you are going to produce the same results. When you begin live the life you are aspiring to, you’re going to get those results.”

Look for the promo for my course, Intuition.

If you pay in full, you’ll get a complimentary one-on-one session with me and a choice of one of two of my clean-living systems.

My quest for you is to be seen, heard, and visible in this New Year. I know you are here for something spectacular, and if you keep hitting this wall and don’t have your people in your corner, propelling you forward, you’re not going to get where you want to go.

This is why I’ve created Intuition. It’s a circle of women who want to bring more of that power into their lives.

If you consciously and consistently make moves that put you in situations that will stretch you, this will help you to do the deep healing work that produces results.

With the energies continuing to work with us from the full moon in Leo, let’s tap into your stories, your truths—it’s been more than 150 years! Know that nothing changes until you do.

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