In the beginning...there was motion - Anne Mandler
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In the beginning…there was motion

In the beginning…there was motion

I’m revisiting an amazing journey. 744 days ago, I went to a place on the other side of the world, that forever changed my life.

I knew some of the lessons I learned far ahead of the travel, however it was the travel that illuminated the lessons, at the perfect place, and at just the right time.

Over the next days, I’m sharing the pieces of this journey as it’s like a lock and key to something incredible.

My heart literally opened in a way that was like going from a dripping faucet to opening the dam.

See, you can know the path you’re here to travel, but without opening yourself to the full experience, you only have a trickle of the rushing river you’re here to know.

744 days later, a new journey begins, but not without showing you what happened and how I got here.

For all I speak of knowing our worth.

For all I share about having full competence over our lives.

For all I know about making money based on who we are at soul level – and yes you can make as much as you want being you – the wealth is in the journey, not the destination.

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