Fix Your Relationship With Belongings - Anne Mandler
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Fix Your Relationship With Belongings

Fix Your Relationship With Belongings

Fix Your Relationship With Belongings

Fix Your Relationship With BelongingsI never thought I’d teach smart CEOs and business leaders about the impact of material things. Yet, this is one area in our work and personal lives that we all need ninja awareness.

It’s a simple question. When is the last time you took a moment to think about the spaces in which you spend your day?

There is no better day than today begin a simpler, less-cluttered life.

This quote by Richard Bach sums it up, “The simplest things are often the truest.”

I’ve spent the last year with clients visiting the topic of what is too much and what no longer serves within your own personal pillars of truth. This sounds like it encompasses a lot and it can.

Yet, it can be broken down simply. We get the most out of where we consciously direct our attention. This begins with physical belongings.

Here’s the thing:

It’s easy to pile up stuff. I know it. I’ve done it. Yet, there is a place for everything, and everything has a place. If there isn’t a place for it then it probably needs to go. This transcends into every part of your business life and personal life. The issue of clutter can also show up as too much busy-ness—not enough time to stop and smell the flowers, take the vacation, check out of the daily grind and unplug. We all have given ourselves too much to do (and way too many to-do lists), often more steps than we need to get to where we want to go. This is all prioritizing and de-cluttering to get clarity.

In our daily environment, most of us have a lot more material things than we need. This overage of physical items especially those that don’t resonate with our current life, current dreams; add up and become things that become more to manage. We often don’t think about how they inhibit all areas of our lives. The ties can be interesting and I’ll talk about this more in another post. For example, cluttered environments can influence important areas of your life, such as clear thinking, personal finance, and relationships.

Take a look at one place in your daily environment that can use a little clean up. Take 10 minutes and do a quick sweep that frees the space. Watch how this little exercise of cleaning up can positively affect your peace of mind, produce more succinct thinking and speaking, and make you aware of less moving parts in your life, and more spaciousness in your day.

Antoine says it well, “You know you have reached perfection of design not when you have nothing more to add, but when you have nothing more to take away. “ ~ Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

I’m feeling grateful as I lead another group of stellar people across of the threshold of a step-by-step of giving up and sweeping clean more than they have been previously comfortable parting with physically and emotionally. It’s a crazy trust exercise that I’m honored to lead and I learn more and more from it each time.

In doing a sweep, we cleanse spaces in the workplace, personal space, and even the insides of what was once dubbed as my own traveling closet, my car.

This work is about not only getting rid of what you don’t need physically, it’s about making room for what you really want coming into your life.

So, your first task is figuring out what you do want and giving permission to yourself to release the rest.

I love seeing the shifts for people as we figure out new areas to tackle once the relationship to our personal space has become free. Trust me, more issues always come up because stuff is never just stuff, we power pack it with emotional charge that doesn’t always work in the here and now.

It means on one level, keeping only those things we feel good about having around now.  For instance, we forget that holding on to that leather biker jacket that we will one day wear because it was gifted to us from a friend (but we haven’t worn it yet) is taking up physical, energetic, and emotional space.

Clearing out these areas, opens up areas in life you’d never think of – especially in your business, in how you deal with your money, and yes, even in your bedroom.  All of these areas are affected by what you devote your attention to. What you manage. What you spiritually call into your life.

So comrades, when you think of Spring Cleaning, take it a step further this year and join me: You’re invitation to: Clear Your Way to a Simpler Life. We’ll walk together through the jungle of freeing your space. It’s been known to make you skip in your step, and even laugh out loud.

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Anne Mandler is a business and marketing speaker, educator, and writer. She teaches highly accomplished business owners and organizations effective business strategy. She also teaches people to slow down.

She shows simply how to pay attention to health while growing the business that is your life’s work. She’s a proponent of community connection, the mother of 3, and runs 2 organizations: Anne Mandler Coaching and the Conscious Living Collective.

Now go get a cup of tea and take a quick break. It doesn’t all need to be done today. Really.

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