Fear & Business — Set Yourself Free
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Fear & Business — Set Yourself Free

Fear & Business — Set Yourself Free

So you think you want to go for that business? Try something that fuels that desire for passion in your life? You want to do it and stay sane you say?

I’m your biggest supporter of doing so.

But first, know that making this change not only has an affect on the day-to-day of what you are doing. It can drum up huge emotions around your day-to-day feeling of who you are in light of what you do.

We all know that who we are is not only what we do day in and day out, but in the culture of today, there is a real weight, an expectation, that what you do for a living, or as I like to say, ‘for a loving’, is a reflection of the person your are inside. Sometimes this weight comes from the outside, but more often, it’s an inner voice that tells you that something is not right and you are not being true to yourself.

Does this sound like you?

You know there is something out there that is meant to be your calling. You just haven’t found it yet.
You feel like time is going by too fast and you are not focused.
You want to make a difference and you want to do it knowing that you can have the income you want without having to sacrifice every moment of your life for your business.
You’ve started a business to make your passion a priority in your life and you ended up wondering where you missed the mark.

Well, it’s not you. It’s the fact that doing it on your own is not easy and I’m a firm believer that none of us should have to go it alone in business or in life.

So how did I cross the bridge from there to here?

These beliefs were true for me with my own search about what it is I’m to do with my life. They proved some of my biggest challenges for years. Who I was inside and what I was doing for work never married until I figured out my own business. In fact, I was in such denial about what I wanted to do, and such fear of doing it, that I wasn’t doing it—I was caught in the purgatory of fear without knowing it. I chose jobs, even careers that felt the equivalent of driving to the moon—all because my heart was not in them.

I’ve always been one for needing to pay attention to what I’m feeling. I can be so ‘in my mind’ that I often don’t pay attention to how my thoughts make me feel.

The small tweaks to changing how you think about the question of what is your life’s work has an impact on your soul consciousness. Rome wasn’t built in a day and these baby steps don’t all come at once—it takes TIME to develop a new business. It takes time to develop the new you that makes that business thrive. Give yourself the freedom of knowing this, and give yourself a break when the self-talk, talks you down.

Change will happen. Resist criticizing yourself too hard or too much.

Your budding self needs a break to unfurl gracefully.

Here are some things you’ll likely experience when you make these break-throughs. As you shed the skin of the old ‘you’ and get comfy in the newer emerging self, notice these as they come up and let them hang around just long enough to do the healing they are intended to do. Notice them and move on.

Sadness, Guilt, Fear, Confusion, Clarity, Fear, Bliss, Relief, Fear

Fear and Health

Did I mention fear? Ahhhh yes, my favorite reoccurring four letter word. All too often fear is the shadow of change. Don’t fight it. Acknowledge it. Remember that we actually control our health at even the cellular level.

When you have anxiety from fear (and don’t we all?) your body actually produces an immune response with the means to fight off inflammation. It’s a natural way that our minds and bodies work together to take care of us. However, when we stress too much and for too long, this response can sometimes have ill effects. In my case, my adrenal glands shut down under too much stress for too long.

Be mindful of your self-talk. Breathe. Ask yourself why you are feeling a certain way. Often we need to revisit this question a bunch of times before we have that breakthrough moment that kicks fear in the butt. That Ahh-ha moment that says to us, oh, this is why I’m feeling like this.

I go through these cycles in depth with my clients to help them understand what it takes to evolve this business both internally and with a step-by-step system. No matter what your own set of emotions is around being or growing your business to a new level, own these emotions, nod to them, and realize that just as you were different before you started this process, so you will again change. Embrace it and know that it is truly a constant—it’s the fastest way to squelch the fear.

Do not hesitate for one second longer to show yourself. Get vulnerable. The world needs to know the real you.

If you want to stop digging your toes in the sand and dive into the ocean, set yourself free. Join me. I’ve been there and I’m here to support you!



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