Change Your Mindset. Change Your Life. - Anne Mandler
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Change Your Mindset. Change Your Life.

Change Your Mindset. Change Your Life.

Get Out Of Your Routine

Discovering the desert of Arizona these past days has left me in the wonderment of the vast differences of the beauty of our world. It literally made me get out of my routine and experience it’s striking, prickly, and venomous beauty. It teaches how to withstand time, heat, and monsoon water dumps — and still exist in grace.

My son was bitten by a young rattlesnake the first day of our vacation. After some time in the ER, we were assured he was ok and just shook up from the experience of being bitten. My oldest son carefully tried to pull a cactus flower as a gift for me. He still got stung by the needles. My daughter spotted a baby tarantula, and we all looked it over in awe.

The monsoon rain dumps are amazing. This is not merely a light dusting of water. It’s not even a hearty cry from the wise ones. It’s more like filling a gigantic bathtub of water and waiting to release that on one vast spot for 15 minutes. Just enough time for live things to power gulp until the next time.

I’m reminded of this because our lives are mutable, malleable, and cyclical. The pokes and stings and dousings of this world conjure up the likeness of how to find your zone and make that zone of brilliance the focus of your life. Following what lights you up in the world is different at different times in our lives. The blessing of this is that we get the chance for different areas of growth multiple times in our lives.

Like clouds rolling through, we get these new chances for opportunity. Some of them drop monsoon-effects of truth on us. Other clouds just provide the shade necessary for us to move through a direction until we get the next big lightning bolt showing us what to move away from and where to pivot into a different direction.

Did You Miss Your Train?

Do you feel like the season has passed on your opportunity to find that new career, passion, or a new business?

No way. Absolutely not my friend.

We can all relate to the feeling of being stuck in our lives at certain times. It takes a spark, an inspiration or inertia to push us forward. Maybe you are stuck in the thinking that you’ve lost your moment at the train station to catch the train? Maybe you feel like you’ve missed the opportunity to follow your true calling? Maybe you feel paralyzed in some way from hours thinking of what you need to do because you never acted on those ideas or found success in them?

I’m telling you right now, there is another train on the way. One door closed is the opening of a new window of opportunity.

To Go Beyond Fear You Need To Take A Step

Fear can create the feeling of being stuck and I’m telling you now that in order to get unstuck you need to move. Find an inspiration. Find a coach, teacher or tribe that supports you. Take a step forward no matter how scary, out into that desert.

Life isn’t a straight line. It’s a series of winding paths, unturned rocks, forks in the road and unplanned rain clouds. To reinvent the moment, you need to take a new turn.

Listen to yourself more than before. Trust your inner guide and take a step of faith. Know that what you do may not be exactly what you are thinking, but it will unquestionably be more wild, sacred, beautiful, and better than you could have imagined.

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