Calling All Creators - Anne Mandler
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Calling All Creators

Calling All Creators

Calling All Creators

Calling All CreatorsOften we forget the importance of down time. Time for self-care and to let ourselves examine what we really want out of our life and the work we put out into the world.

This is a crucial process that needs repeating, and yet, we can’t do it forever.

Introspection is great if you actually do something with it. In other words, once you start figuring out the important things in your life, nothing will change if you don’t.

When you get stuck in a rut with anything in your life, you’ll continue to stay stuck unless you figure out how to do something about it.

As I write to you on the brink of summer, I see that shift has come again. The shift and pause for rest as we gear up to enter another season and a different energy.

What I want for you now is to acknowledge the time for power naps, a much-deserved lull, a break from the hustle. It will soon be time to respond to more light, to spread your wings and respond to the call of summer once again.

And when you’ve spent time to renew

It’s time to set your mind up a notch.

It’s time to do audacious things.

Things of wonder.

It’s time to do stuff outside your comfort zone. Out of what you’re used to doing.

That’s where there is light, bright, movement in your life.

That’s where the fresh stuff happens.

“But I don’t have a creative bone in body!” some may say.

Picasso would say different. In fact, Picasso is the inspiration for these thoughts.

So, as we’re back at a point of growth, life and light…

I’m Calling All Creators.

Yes, you. I challenge you to rethink your time here. I challenge you every single day.

To wake up. Be grateful that you are alive.

Thank all that you are blessed with.

Because each and every day we have the opportunity to create a day that our future self will be proud of.

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