Are You Happy at Work?
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Are You Happy at Work?

Are You Happy at Work?

Are You Happy at Work?

Are You Happy at Work?Are you happy at work?

Do you feel full with abundance in every area of your life?

Once you realize that you’re not where you want to be, know that you have options! You don’t necessarily have to quit your job to be happy. I don’t often advocate that is the first thing you do. Keep that day job if it’s safe and stable… at least for now.

Many people I speak with aren’t happy with some major aspects of their life. Often it’s work or a relationship, not having the money they desire for the work that they do, or the feeling that something just isn’t right. When asked what is missing, it usually comes down to not feeling excited about work or life and getting stuck in feeling like life is ordinary–not fun or challenging in a satisfying way.

Often it’s the desire to do something that they truly want to do and discovering what that is and how to do it. For those who have left the 9 to 5 life, they have sometimes tried to make a business work, but didn’t have the tools to get it off the ground.

So let’s be hypothetical. What would happen if you take action to change your life and listen to the voice that tells you what you really want to do?

Have a hard time even thinking about what that is for you?

I did. But first, let me tell you what taking action will do…

It will change your life, make you rich in abundance, and highlight the light that only you –here on this earth, with your own unique light, can shine.

How did I get to this place where I know exactly what my next step will be?

Did it come easy or naturally?

Flashback to seven years ago. I had a busy position working for a great company—a growing corporate industry leader. I enjoyed the people I worked with and many of the projects, yet it didn’t challenge me in the way that leadership in startups and entrepreneurial environments later would. Back then, I wanted something more, but I wasn’t sure what that was.

happiness at work

Just days after leaving my corporate position, and planning to take the summer to live in Berlin, Germany with my family, my body completely shut down.

I felt like I had jumped off a diving board over and over again, as my body tried to make sense of symptoms of severe adrenal fatigue.

Since my health was at an all time low, and with an infant and a toddler, I had to recreate my life from what felt like scratch, and I wasn’t going back to what my life used to be. 

I’m sure that I could have gotten better in Germany over a long period of time, but with the language barrier and the mindset that I needed a clear picture of what was going on, my family and I lasted three weeks before we made our way back to the states.

Flashing forward a couple of years, I began doing marketing and communications consulting for local businesses. The one-on-one consulting taught me a great deal about selling, but in my heart, I knew I wanted to serve more people and make more money. Yet, there were still dots that needed to be connected to get where I wanted to be. I felt like I needed the tools to be able to create a more targeted niche and build a larger business. I applied and was accepted to business school but found that none of the schools had a complete program that could teach me the real-world experience of helping others start businesses.

I began studying entrepreneurs, coaches, and those with larger successes in entrepreneurial markets. I literally soaked up courses, books, and interviews while I continued to figure out my niche, and make important people connections wherever I could.

My purpose ultimately became helping others get the courage and support to find their own calling, and make a plan to create a successful business.

I want people to be able to balance a life that they love, and be able to make the money they want in way that feels good to them. We are often trained, from the time we are young, to follow certain systems, and so creating our own systems is like a new muscle group that hasn’t been used.

This was my goal then, and it’s what I thrive on now. There is something beautiful about a person who knows that they are meant for more. They are meant for a  greatness that they get to define.

I want you to know without a doubt that you have a one-and-only uniqueness. Sharing this is why you are here on this earth and it’s how you spread your joy to others. It’s not your sameness that makes you special; it’s your uniqueness that defines you, and one of the many beautiful reasons you are here, and why others appreciate you.

If you are at a point where you are ready to take a closer look at your life stayed tuned for my next notes on how to move forward.

There really is a radiance only you  and a joy only you can give.
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