Are you doing the work you are meant to do in the world? - Anne Mandler
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Are you doing the work you are meant to do in the world?

life's work

Are you doing the work you are meant to do in the world?

life's work

Ok friends, it’s no longer January and the newness of the year has plum moved away.

But that’s ok, because we’re in February! If you’re in the middle of winter, I get ya.

Yet, no matter, the month of love, Valentine’s Day, President’s Day (in the U.S), my Birthday (celebrated everywhere;-)… you get it, you can choose to get dreary over the weather, or you can hop to it and pull yourself up by your bootstraps and get on what you want out of the next day.

See, some of us are excited by the idea of tomorrow, or next week or next month, or when we get around to it. But I tell ya, I’m so happy I woke up this morning. Because I did, I have today.

Today is the change to do something amazing—a chance at life. A chance to stand up for what we believe in.

You see, it wasn’t long ago that I had a temporary lapse of thinking here.

I had two babies, an infant, and a toddler. I was exhausted, living in a sweet rural town. There my body was nearly ready to shut down. I didn’t know it at the time, but adrenal fatigue was knocking at my door.

By the time my husband and I and our 8-month-old and our 2-year-old made it to Berlin, Germany to live for the summer, my adrenal system had had enough.

I was so anxious, ill, tired, overstimulated, panic-stricken, and I honestly didn’t know what I was going to do. So after lots of arguing, we made it back to California. My body hit the bed, I barely moved for several months.

It was during this time, at my lowest point, that I knew this fatigue was not what I was meant for. I was meant for something so much bigger. I was meant to help, and touch people’s lives in a way that was way bigger. I was meant to serve people above and beyond what I had done in the past. And I was absolutely not going to let the past define me.

These years were full of learnings, my friends. From marriage challenges, to health, business, and financial challenges, it was non-stop getting through the muck.

Once an “excellent” credit score owner, my credit plunged to 587.

Once directing teams and owning the perks of health insurance and benefits, I left my corporate job and poof, they were gone.

Then, it took 8 doctors to diagnose my failing system. No health insurance, and I paid over $100,000 in doctor bills.

But that wasn’t the end of it. No. Because life’s not like that, hun.

You can get up in the arena, but there will still be challenges.

So in the market lows, we were forced to move from our home and short-sell. And, we were lucky, because some people had to foreclose.

We, on the other hand, took the path of short-sale, which moved our credit scores, to the lowest of the low, the “do not offer them options list”.

All of these things happened because, LIFE.

But that’s not why I’m here. I’m here to tell you that all that stuff can be overcome. I know it. I did it.

Where once my business was barely making it, there became new clients, new customers, the flow of money, and hope.

It didn’t happen overnight. It happened when I stopped wishing and praying that something would happen, and I stepped into taking responsibility that I was in charge of my life. My finances, my joy, my love, my responsibilities.

All of it.

So, if any area of your life is low, I know you can turn it around.

And if you need help, let’s see if I can help you. The one thing I know how to do is figure it out.

As my friend Marie Forleo says, “Everything is figuroutable!”

It is.

So much joy, blessings and light to you.



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