A Little Halloween Note - Anne Mandler
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A Little Halloween Note

A little note on Halloween

A Little Halloween Note

A little note on HalloweenHalloween…It’s one of my favorite days of the year! I knew it as a kid growing up in Colorado, perhaps even the first time I went out trick-or-treating – I felt like this day was made for me!

It wasn’t the bag of candy that had me going. It was about dressing up, being someone different—surprising myself and being surprised! At two years old, I felt the power of transformation. The silly mask and the plastic costume made me feel like I was someone else. A wondrous creature even more fun and magical.

I still feel exactly the same magical feeling today. Dressing up, transforming my usual look allows my creativity to flow, my mind to pretend and imagine. It reminds me that it’s just as important for adult minds to do this. Expanding who you are – and how you show up in the world, (even if it’s just for a day) it makes all the difference in how we personally interact with one another.

In beginning a new part of my business, I realize that people want to know more about other people. We want to know not just who someone is, but who they want to become. When we shift who we think we are inside, we can truly shift how the world sees us.

How’s that for thinking you’re just wearing a costume?

Seriously. If not Halloween, challenge yourself to change yourself up once in while. You can do more than the inner work to feel free, to make a different impact, to transform for a day.

Transform the way you present you to the world and see what happens! Today, be a little more than your everyday magical.

I dare you!

Happy Halloween Dear One!

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