Get Rid of Your 2014 Allergens: 2 easy steps - Anne Mandler
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Get Rid of Your 2014 Allergens: 2 easy steps

Get Rid of Your 2014 Allergens: 2 easy steps

Get Rid of Your 2014 Allergens: 2 easy steps

Wintertime breath’n may be easy for some, however it hasn’t been for me.

We live by the beach. It’s breathtaking. It’s water, air, earth, and wind meeting all together at this amazing pinnacle.

It’s also moldy. OK. I know mold is not a sexy post, but I really don’t want you to have to experience a year of my symptoms to find your hidden allergens.

For the last 12 months, I’ve been trying to pinpoint what the heck has me all choked up? Seriously, nearly everyday from my waking moment, I’ve been an allergic mess walking around with a tissue box under my arm.


And you know what? Once I found the green and black stuff in every window sill, slyly growing like green peach fuzz on every basket I own, on blinds and stuck to floorboards–literally everywhere, it all made sense. I knew something was driving me crazy, but I wasn’t looking close enough. I didn’t take the time to figure it out.

When I finally pinpointed it, I went on an all out crazy mission to get rid of the evil spores. I have new BFFs: Clorox, Meyer’s CleanDay OxyBleach, and a child’s (Minnie mouse) hospital mask. Mold is not sexy and that’s why I bring you this important bulletin. Mold has literally given my sinuses and lungs an unkind and totally unappreciated workout this year. It’s even affected my business. Working often from home, I’d spend a lot of time ‘reacting’ to it when it didn’t have to be there.

So, this past week of 2014 has been me against all allergens. It called for nothing less than getting out the big guns. I don’t know why we never did this before, but thanks to the gifts of a great SF Fireman, we now have a dehumidifier and 3 air filters running in the house. With those going, boom. Done. No more crazy allergies. Overnight. I’m a new woman!

So here’s how to do it: 1. Find the allergen. 2. Get rid of it. It’s that simple.


Dear ones, this isn’t only about the fungi. There is symbolic dampness all around us if we choose to let it grow into something more. It may be your work that is not aligned with what you need to give back to the world. It may be a relationship gone toxic. It may be the very things you think that you are doing for yourself that need the most clean up. Take a magnifying glass to your existence. Get out the big guns. If you are ‘allergic’ to something and its not working with your life, clean it out and let it go.

Sometimes the things we let drift slowly, that get away from us without being acknowledged and cleaned up—the little things we let grow, become the biggest antagonists to our health. What I wish for all this last day of the year is clean water, clean space, a clear mind, clean air and a clean life! Here’s to breathing a little easier this go around. Happy (allergy free) New Year!

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